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Resistance of Metal Roofing for Texas Hail Storms

Here’s one of the primary reasons metal buildings and metal roofing is an excellent option in Texas. Of course, we already knew that both options are fire-resistant, wind-resistant, and have outstanding durability. Yet it’s also a perfect option to have the resistance of metal roofing for Texas hail storms we get from time to time. It’s like living in your very own home suit of armor.

Why do you get great resistance with metal buildings and metal roofing for Texas hail storms?

Let’s take a step back and weigh up why hail can be so damaging in the first place. The primary reason is not that when it hits some types of roofing, it can break that part of the roofing.

That is an issue but is usually a quick fix and replacement of that specific roofing and tile. The real damage comes from the water and moisture after the fact. The first wave of hail breaks the protection of the home; the second wave or subsequent rain seeps moisture into places where there shouldn’t be any water.

That means your roofing could start to become damp and grow moldy. In addition, your building construction could face significant wear and tear and cause warping due to the additional moisture.

This damage, of course, doesn’t happen with metal buildings and metal roofing. Sure, some cosmetic dents can happen with large hail, and they can always be buffed out when needed. However, very rarely can this Texas hail cause significant damage that will require extensive repairs from professional roofers.

Why do insurance companies love metal roofing?

It’s because it helps your insurance premiums as well. Insurance companies know that if your home is built like a tank, it’ll require less maintenance and repairs due to adverse weather conditions, including Texas Hail.

Metal buildings and metal roofing will usually have lower premiums because of the lower risk of other elements. These include corrosion, moisture erosion, and high fire resistance. This is another superb reason to invest in metal buildings and roofing due to its terrific durability and resistance to so many elements that other building materials don’t do so well under.

Keep in mind that if you’re in the Texas hail region, the metal roofing thickness will matter the most. This is where you want to consider getting 26 gauge commercial grade steel, which is the only premium material Siemens Roofing & Metal Building uses. This premium material ensures that only the most severe of storms result in minor cosmetic wear and tear most of the time.

A great investment

There are times when one might say that metal buildings or metal roofing are a considerable expense that doesn’t justify the benefits. Yet those benefits all point to a longer-lasting home that requires less maintenance against the Texas weather and potentially lower insurance premiums. That sounds like a win.

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