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North and West Texas Climate on Metal Roof Durability

We hear so many good things about metal roofing and its durability. It makes sense as metal always brings with itself a sense of strength and durability. We like our stuff to last in Texas, and that’s why metal roofing is becoming so popular here. Yet what effects do you see from the typical Texas climate on Metal Roof Durability? Can it withstand the elements and stay as long as the warranty claims it can?

What type of Texas Climate on Metal Roof Durability are we talking about?

When people think of Texas weather, they think of hot and muggy. That is true, about half of the time. That heat is constantly beating down on your home, and what is the metal doing? It’s reflecting the heat and not absorbing it, like other common types of roofing material do.

Those types of roofing materials will absorb the heat and make the overall temperature inside the home or building hotter than it should be. A metal roof will reflect it and keep the home cool without any doubt. This is because it acts as one big giant protective roof.

The harsh elements of the Texas climate will also have little effect on the roof over time, and the roofing won’t corrode, break down or melt in any sort of way. The roofing itself will stay true to form with little impact from this type of weather, and a significant impact on your electricity consumption.

Yet that’s not the only type of weather we’re going to be dealing with. This is especially true in the Western part of Texas, where the weather can include some very powerful thunderstorms and even snow during the winter months. These storms can cause some severe damage to other types of roofing, but not metal.

Metal is quite slick, and the snow will just pile up and eventually melt or slide down with the proper grading. The same goes with the rain, as the metal roofing is waterproof as well as resistant to the constant barrage of water without it building up on your roof.

Metal Roofing is also heavy and built solid (we use commercial-grade 26-gauge steel for our panels). That means that excessive wind that can come from time to time in both the Northern and Western Texas climate will also not affect metal roofing that much, as it may have affected other types of roofing material that may come loose or break down to a combination of rain, wind, and snow.  Just ask yourself, how often do you see friends and neighbors having their shingle roofing replaced?

Built for all climates

That’s what makes metal roofing such a fantastic option for your next roofing project. Your smart roofing investment will easily be worthwhile as its durability towards the elements will help to reduce the need for costly repairs that can come up when we least expect it, over time and several seasons.

These repairs can be due to broken shingles on the roofing, warped wood that’s water damaged, or any other issues that wouldn’t be an issue if the roofing material used was metal roofing.



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