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Metal Building Construction Cost and Expected Lifespan

There’s a new wave of more Lubbock Texas homes having construction with metal roofing. There’s a good reason why as well. Metal roofing has a lot of benefits and can be one of the best investments you can put into your home. With how long it’ll last, you’ll save a ton of pain by choosing the superior material for roofing, steel.

How long does it last?

Metal roofing is one of the most hard-wearing options out there. When installed properly, it can last up to 60 years. Sometimes it can last longer than other materials used to make the home. For example, different types of roofing can last up to 15 years when wood-based or up to 20-25 years when shingles are being used. That’s why metal roofing comes up as a clear winner against these options.

How much will your metal building construction cost?

Metal roofing has many subsets depending on the type of metal in use. Some options are more affordable and still durable. Other options are premium but are a significant portion of the home. If you’re going to look at the low end, you’re looking at corrugated metal options.

On the other, we exclusively use beautiful 26-Gauge – Commercial Grade Steel that will cost around $14 to $25 per square foot plus installation prices. They both have their pros and are good options, yet steel is a far superior roofing material. Keep in mind that there are various metal options or styles that you can use, but these two examples show extremes of cheap and most value through durability.

How much is the metal building construction cost for maintenance?

That’s one significant perk of installing a metal roof; the maintenance is low. The materials are anti-corrosive and naturally durable. Our panels either come without paint as “galvalume” or come with an extremely durable designer paint that reflects UV radiation from the sun away from your home.  This means you won’t have a lot of repairs and replacements needed throughout the lifespan of your metal roof.

In addition, you won’t have any chance of mold or growth happening due to the non-reactive qualities of our metal. This means no need to have to handle specialized bleach-related cleaning to tackle eliminating the issue.

In the end

A metal-based roof will last longer than your mortgage and longer than most houses. So, consider that when you need to decide that upfront investment cost versus how much you end up saving in the long run.

We’re here to help you decide based on your budgets and needs. We’re your local Texas expert in all things metal roofing. We love metal roofing so much that we believe in entire homes made of this highly durable option.

Just use the button below to contact us, and we can discuss an end-to-end solution if you’re considering a new metal building or simply a roof replacement. Either way, we’ve built an EASY QUOTE TOOL, to make getting your quote for your next project extremely easy.                                                                                      

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