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Advantages of Metal Roofing and Metal Building Construction in Texas

So why is metal building construction in Texas advised? First, it’s important to note that selecting the material for your roof or building is critical in the long run. There are simply some materials that last longer and offer better value for the money.

Your choice of material directly impacts your ability to save on your utility bills and save the environment simultaneously. Metal roofing and metal-based homes help with this mission.


Energy Efficient through Effective cooling


Texas can get hot. Hotter than many other places. North Texas and West Texas experience diverse and extreme weather conditions year round. So we want to make sure that our homes protect us from the elements and offer us the shelter to deal with this climate.

Although a few options can help keep your home cool, metal roofing provides the best protection. It’s a conductive material that will help absorb and disperse the heat away from the house. Pair that with a light-colored paint option, and you’ll also have better reflective properties against that hot sun.

With adequate cooling, your home stays at a more comfortable temperature on the inside, as the metal shield around your home in Texas is there to protect you.

Your air conditioning system will be grateful for not having to be over-utilized, putting a strain on long-term maintenance and repairs, and having your electricity go figuratively through the roof in pricing.

Some research states that a metal-based home decreases heat flow by 45% in some climates. This is attributable primarily to the thermal dissipation properties of the metal structure. This is one reason why so many Texans are building barndominium homes, or a “barndo”, which was traditionally a barn that is converted into a residential home.

Metal Building Construction in Texas Lasts for a Very Long Time 

Another great thing about metal construction is its robust and durable metal. As a result, it’ll last two to three times longer than the next alternative, shingle-based roofing. To give you an actual number, that’s around 60+ years.

The same goes for constructing the rest of the home or building from metal materials. It’s built to withstand a lot more from the elements and can be treated as anti-corrosive, further improving its longevity. These material properties make it ideal for adding another green initiative in Texas, which is solar panels.

If you are going to install a new metal roof and metal-based home, you might as well go the extra mile and build in solar panels that’ll easily fit on most metal-style roofs. In addition, the mounting of solar panels is easier with a metal roof and less costly. It’s worth noting that your metal roofing is almost guaranteed to outlast the lifespan of your solar panels.

Metal Building Construction in Texas is part of an overall green initiative.

Metal roofing is also highly recyclable and easy to convert into someone else’s roof in the future. This means that the new roof you’re thinking of installing could already be partially comprised of recycled materials.

Yet the entire roof itself, regardless of whether it is new or recycled, is still 100% reusable after its expiration date.

Act and get building

Reach out to us if you’ve any more inquiries about all the benefits of a metal-constructed roof or building. Also, check out our blog posts if you want to do additional research before you buy. Our headquarters is located in Lubbock, Texas, but for over 25 years, we’ve served Texans within a radius of over 200 miles of the surrounding area.

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