Residential metal roofing
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Long-lasting steel structures

Any metal building you purchase from us is made from steel, which is a durable, long-lasting building material. Our shop is equipped with the tools needed to construct a custom-made structure for your property.


Quality services and products at affordable prices.

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Design your own custom metal building

Do you have a building design already in mind? Bring your design to us and we will make sure you get the building that meets all your needs. Only the highest-quality steel is used in all structure construction.

Fast construction and weather resistance

Metal buildings have become more popular among residential homeowners because of the fast construction time and durable nature of the metal. Contact us today to discuss the design of your new metal building.

Siemens Roofing & Metal Buildings can build a custom metal building, of any size, for your residential property.

Metal Buildings for Residential Use

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